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Knee Replacement

Knee replacement is a surgical procedure, which alleviates the pain and enhances the patients’ quality of life, who have been diagnosed with severe arthritis of the knees.

Total knee replacement surgery is a highly successful operation done for knee arthritis to alleviate pain, stiffness and the resultant disability.

Knee arthritis is common in both men and women past 50 years of age and common in the Indian population. Knee arthritis, commonly called osteoarthritis causes knee pain, stiffness, deformity and leads to a less active lifestyle. When conservative methods like medication and physiotherapy fail to alleviate the symptoms, total knee replacement becomes a suitable option for treatment.
Total knee replacement surgery has been performed since 1968 and since then, due to numerous advancements in the techniques and technologies, replacement surgery on the knee has become one of the most successful surgeries in the medical field.

Total knee replacement surgery involves the replacement of the worn-out cartilage and not the entire joint. The freshened surface of the bone is replaced or ‘resurfaced’ with highly specialized materials that are durable and smooth which will function as the new joint after knee replacement surgery. 

Single Knee Replacement

Most often, arthritis is severe in one knee and moderate in the other, we perform Total knee replacement on the most affected and the other one is treated conservatively with medications and or exercises. After single knee replacement, the person will walk unaided in less than 24 hours and will be able to use stairs in 48 hours and will be independent in managing his/her daily household activities after discharge on the 5th day of hospitalization.

In general, patients tend to  undergo this surgery after non-operative treatments, which have rendered a lapse in relief of arthritic symptoms. Non-operative treatments encompass activity modification, anti-inflammatory medications, and knee joint injections.

Both Knee Replacement (Bilateral Total Knee Replacement)

Very often arthritis affects both knees and Total knee replacement done to both the knees in a single setting under single anesthesia is called Bilateral Total Knee replacement. Bilateral Total knee replacement is performed after a thorough assessment and involves an efficient team of specialists and Dr. Vivek A N specializes in such. There are various advantages of Bilateral Total knee replacement, namely easier recovery, less use of medications, ease of rehabilitation and saves time and money.

Post-surgery, you might get out of the bed and stroll on the very first day; subsequently, you will climb stairs after 3 days of surgery. Despite these agile actions, recovery and resilient time would take a minimum of 3 months from the surgery. Hence, one needs to be headstrong. In case, if you intend to carry out only knee surgery at a time, then guaranteed recovery time would take minimum 3 months for an absolute recovery.

Revision Knee Replacement

After acquiring a victorious Total Knee Replacement, 95 % of my patients are leading a trouble-free life at 20 years. But on the flip side, impediments and drawbacks do occur. A Common complication is ‘Infection’; if infections get discerned, it can be controlled with apt antibiotics.

For a prolonged term, aseptic loosening would materialize, which would pave the way for bone loss and pain recurrence.  At irregular events, patients ought to need knee revision implant, which entails another surgery.

Revision knee replacement entails technical demand, which requires cautious planning and also an assorted number of add-ons in terms of implant accessories, which would be available in the operating theatre before commencing surgery. We used to routinely carry out revision surgery at our hospital for needy patients. 

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